Board meetings are normally held every other month and are scheduled at the convenience of the Board when sufficient agenda items indicate a meeting should be held. Board meetings are held in the Great Room of the clubhouse.

Homeowners who would like to bring ideas, concerns, or questions to the Board may do so by participating during Homeowner Forum before the meeting is called to order. For date and time of the next meeting, contact the Manager.

Accurate meeting Minutes are taken at each meeting. Homeowners may request meeting Minutes by contacting the Manager.

Board members are volunteers and although their role is to serve the community, they are entitled to their privacy. Therefore, homeowners who have a message for the Board may send it to them through the Manager. The Manager will forward the communication to all Board members and bring the homeowner a response.

A homeowner who has a grievance or who has been fined for Rules violation may request an opportunity to be heard by the Board.