Association Management

Latitude is managed by Association Services, AAMC

The manager is Tiffany Weed:
- Tell: (253)-840-1200
- Fax: (253)-770-8332

Team Members

Angi Knudtson

Connie Childs

Mailing addeess:
PO Box 731733
Puyallup, WA 98373

It is very important that every resident, whether owner or tenant, ensures that their contact information is on file with management. In case of lost pets, parking problems, email notifications to the community, and most of all emergency and repair situations, it is crucial that the manager has the ability to contact you.

If you have not provided a Homeowner Contact Information Form, please print it from this webpage and once complete, please mail it to the Association Services, AAMC office or email it to Tiffany Weed.